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06:27pm 12/05/2003
  When you take the poll below: Put the people you actually believe did good, not the people that you think are hott. Ok?  
People that did good! :-D 
06:11pm 12/05/2003
mood: anxious
Now this is not to diss anyone. I just made this quiz because I think it's a fun way to congradulate people who did good jobs this year. If you're not "nominated," then it doesn't mean you suck, it just means I didn't think of you while I was doing this. I'm sorry. I love you all. But here, have fun! :-D

Poll #134224 LMHS Drama Club "Awards"(?)

Best Lead Actor in A Play

Scott Hall, Ten Little Indians
Andrew Nickalou, Jake's Women
Tony Smith, Jake's Women
Tony Smith, Ten Little Indians
Jon Woods, Ten Little Indians

Best Lead Actress in A Play

Hannah Buck, Ten Little Indians
Rachel Coogan, Ten Little Indians
Meghan Langer, Jake's Women
Sophia Lopez, Jake's Women
Stephanie McMahon, Jake's Women

Best Supporting Actor in A Play

Anthony Kemp, The Best Christmas Pagent Ever
Martin Numeric, Ten Little Indians
Andrew Saunders, Ten Little Indians
Ricky Varela, Ten Little Indians
Ben Whitmore, Ten Little Indians

Best Supporting Actress in A Play

Candy Heller, Jake's Women
Kathryn Hendrix, The Best Christmas Pagent Ever
Kelsey Lee, The Best Christmas Pagent Ever
Diana Mata, Jake's Women
Megan Reilly, Ten Little Indians

Best Actor in A Musical

Scott Hall, Once Upon a Mattress
Anthony Kemp, Once Upon a Mattess
Daryel Perez, Once Upon a Mattess
Tony Smith, Once Upon a Mattess
Ben Whitmore, Once Upon a Mattess

Bet Actress in A Musical

Holly Heller, Once Upon a Mattess
Sophia Lopez, Once Upon a Mattess
Tara Sissom, Once Upon a Mattess
Ashleigh Tiecher, Once Upon a Mattess
Aubrey Villareal, Once Upon a Mattess

Best Featured (small part) Actor

Brian Echterling(?), Ten Little Indians
Garrett Jurss, Ten Little Indians
Martin Numeric, Once Upon a Mattess
Daryel Perez, Ten Little Indians
Andrew Saunders, The Best Christmas Pagent Ever

Best Feaured (small part) Actress

Ariela Arnon, Once Upon a Mattess
Kristin Schaffer, Jake's Women
Katie Szymanski, Once Upon a Mattess
Aubrey Villareal, Ten Little Indians
Sarah Whitmore, Ten Little Indians

Best Sound

The Best Christmas Pagent Ever
Jake's Women
Once Upon a Mattess

Best Lights

Everything Under Heaven
Jake's Women
Ten Little Indians

Best Props

The Best Christmas Pagent Ever
Everything Under Heaven
Jake's Women

Best Costumes

The Best Christmas Pagent Ever
Jake's Women
Once Upon a Mattess

Best Make-Up

Jake's Women
Once Upon a Mattess
Ten Little Indians

Best Director

Caitlin Bowden, Jake's Women
Scott Hall, The Best Christmas Pagent Ever
Robyn Johnson, Once Upon a Mattess
Diana Mata, Ten Little Indians
Tony Smith, Everything Under Heaven
Jon Woods, The Best Christmas Pagent Ever

Best Show

The Best Christmas Pagent Ever
Everything Under Heaven
Jake's Women
Once Upon a Mattess
Ten Little Indians
It's Late 
12:45pm 10/05/2003
mood: excited
It's late, but I just wanted to say congradulations to all the people who gt directorial staff postions and especially to the people whom recieved officer positions -- CONGRATS GUYS!!!! *MWAH!*
08:23am 03/05/2003
mood: happy
Oh, it was so much fun, and everyone looked so pretty... It makes me sad that all of the seniors are leaving next year. They have been so great to me, and we've had so much fun together. Remember Sophie's talks at girls night? "We don't need men, let's eat choclate!"
Congrats to everyone who got a directorial staff position, office, or award, I'm so proud of you guys!
Love you all,
One of those long quizes, just because I think everyone should do it! 
06:03pm 21/04/2003
mood: bored
*name-Jessica Lynn
*age- 17
*sex- Female
*dob- 10/20/85
*location- Longwood Fl
*siblings- 3
*flirty- Uh huh

*shoe size- 8 1/2
*hair color- Dark brown
*first crush- Matt Petterson or Chris Adams in Kindergarden
*boyfriend/girlfriend now: No
*crush-Yeah, and he knows who he is
*color of your room- Light Yellow
*righty/ or lefty- Righty
*hobbies- Ummmm, drama, writing, talking, hanging out with friends
*sign- Libra

Questions on guys, for girls to fill out
*boxers/briefs- Boxers
*long/short hair- Long if it's curly, or shaggy (ex:mackenzie) short if it's blonde
*tall or short- Tall
*pack/muscular arms- muscluar arms *sigh*
*good/bad guy- Good guy, but somewhat rebellious
*ear pierced, or not?- I prefer an ear piercing, but it's not absolutely necessary
*tan or fair- Tan
*freckles or none- freckles are cute....
*stubble or neatly shaved- Ok, stubbly, but only after like day 2, becuz the first day it's just prickly...
*accent or american- accents are very sexy
*would you ever go out with someone whos ugly?- Well, usually with me, the more I get to know someone, the more physically attractive they become, so long as I like their personality
*punk or prep- hmmmm depends on if they are pouser punk, or true punk

On preferences....
*cuddle or make out- cuddle, I like to be held
*chocolate milk, or hot chocolate- hot choclate
*mcdonalds or burger king?- neither
*coke or pepsi- pepsi
*would you wanna marry your best friend, or the perfect lover- best friend, what is a relationship without friendship? Your husband should be your best friend
*root beer, or dr pepper- GINGER ALE!
*tea/coffee/cappuccino- Cappuccino
*cats or dogs- cats
*mud or jello wrestling- ummmmmmm neither
*milk, dark, or white chocolate?- white
*sunny or rainy- Sunny days rainy nights
*winter, summer, fall, or spring- early spring
*vanilla or chocolate- Chocolate
*skiing or boarding- I don't do either
*biking or blading- Biking
*cereal or toast- Cereal
*do ya like rock, punk, rap, r and b, alternative, techno, pop, or
country- rock, punk, and where the hell is emo?
*bunk or water bed- Water bed
*lights on or off- Off

*My friends- oh geez this would take way too long....
*Friends that you look like- According to Tony, Kelsey
*You go to for advice- Chris, Anthony, or Kathryn
*Who do you tell all ur secrets too?- Chris, Kathryn

your favorites
*color- black
*number- 13
*movie- Dead Poest Society
*subject- English
*song- Change in the housr of flys - Deftones
*sport to play- I play a mean game of kickball
*sport to watch-soccer
*favorite drink- ginger ale
*truth or dare- Depends on who im playing with... dare
*ocean or pool- ocean
*love or lust- Love
*silver or gold- Silver
*diamonds or pearls- Diamonds
*sunset or sunrise- sun set
*showers or bubble baths- Bubble baths

misc. questions
*do you like school- ummm not really just the drama part
*do you like to talk on the phone- yep
*do ya have your own phone line- nope
*can we have your number- email me and then you can
*do you like to dance- when no one is watching
*are you scared to ask out your crush- Yeah, I don't think that I ever could, damn me and my shyness
*do you think cheerin is a sport- nope

1: Been kissed? Yep, once
2: Done drugs? never
3: Eaten an entire box of Oreos? At once? No.
4: Been on stage? Yep, 5th grade, I had lines and got to kiss a boy 8smiles*
5: Dumped someone else? nope
6: Gotten in a car accident? nope
7: Watched "Punky Brewster"? nope
8: Been in love? no Love is recipricated, in like yes, I am right now

9: Shampoo: Herbal essances
10: Toothpaste: whatever Mum buys
11: Soap: Yardley (it's imported from England)
12: Type of soup: Vegetable
13: Room in your house: my room
14: Instrument: piano, guitar if a guy is playing it

15: Coffee or hot chocolate? coffee
16: Big or little? Depends!!
17: Lace or satin? satin
18: New or old? depends
19: Neve Campbell or Jennifer Love Hewitt? Ew. Neither one.
20: Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? Brad Pitt
21: Vogue or Material Girl? Material Girl
22: Jeans or cords? Wow, thats hard
23: Sweater or sweatshirt? Sweater
24: T shirt or tank top? t-shirt
25: Skirt or dress? skirt
26: Wool or cotton? Cotton
27: Rose or Lily? rose
28: The way it is or the way it was? A little of both
29: Oldies or pop? Oldies
30: Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Didn't we already cover this one?no
31: Do you have a best friend? yep one girl, one straight guy, one overall

In the last 24 hours, have you...
32: Cried? Yes
33: Helped someone? Yes
34: Bought something? Nope
35: Gotten sick? Nope
36: Gone to the movies? Nope
37: Gone out for dinner? Nope
38: Said "I love you"? Yes
39: Written a real letter? no
40: Moved on? no put i wish I could
41: Talked to an ex? no no ex's
42: Missed an ex? no no ex's
43: Written in a journal? LJ and my paper journal for the things you guys arent allowed to read
44: Talked to someone you have a crush on? yep...he makes me happy *smiles*
45: Had a serious talk? no
46: Missed someone? Yes
47: Hugged someone? no
48: Fought with your parents? No
49: Fought with a friend? nope

Do you.....
50: Wear eye shadow? Yes
51: Put on a "front"? try not to
52: Kiss on the first date? ummmmm i did....thats where the one came from....
53: Have a crush on someone? yea i have said this 3 times now... and hes damn sexy
54: Eat with your mouth open? Nope. I wasn't raised in a barn!!!
55: If you got a tattoo, where would you get it, and what would be? a fairy, sitting on a creasent moon, with her wand extended and stars dropping from it on my right shoulderblade
56: What color is your floor/carpet in your room? at the moment this ugly brown color, but it will be cream when me and mum redo it this summer
57: What was the last CD you bought? That I actually BOUGHT? Geeeez umm oh I know! The best of Andrew Lloyd Webber that I got with Amber at Tuesday Mornings for 1.99 lol
58: How did you spend last summer? School, Boca Raton
59: When's the last time you showered? This afternoon
60: Are you tired? no
61: Are you lonely? in the sence of wow I wish I had a boyfriend right now lonely...yes, as in I need friends, no
62: Are you happy? Yep!
63: Are you wearing pajamas? Yep, Gray sweat pants, and Once Upon A Mattress shirt
64: Are you talking to someone online? surprisingly no
65: What are the initials of your crush/interest/spouse? DSK
66: What is your astrological sign? We already covered this. Libra
67: What is the sign of your crush/interest/spouse? Ummmm I'd have to figure that out
68: What time is it?
exactly 6 pm
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Martin Rumors 
02:13am 19/04/2003
mood: enthralled
Martin does NOT have a tail.


Martin did NOT have sex with Celia.
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My old "friends" 
10:24pm 18/04/2003
mood: geeky
Yes, I know this is for drama, but I have to get this out.

A Letter to my Old Friends...

I never gave you guys a reason for leaving, and I feel you deserve an explaination.

I got tired of compromising my beliefs. I do not hang out with people who smoke or do drugs. Getting so trashed that I do stupid things, and can't remember what I did, is not my idea of fun. It's pathetic. you are only slowly killing yourselves, and I hope you relize this before it is too late.
Your lack of morals is appaling. The fact that within a group of 10, there were only 2 virgins, myslef included is pathetic. What happened to self respect? And what can you show for it? Nothing. Well, maybe a few STD's that the person you "loved" didn't tell you they had, and some pregnancy scares. Thank God none of you actually had children (well, atleast that we know of), we wouldn't want you to lose your "individuality" by becoming a staistic, now would we?
My idea of a "joke", is not wanting to send someone with depression, a knife, all wrapped up in a boz with a pretty lil bow as a "get well gift". It shows your lack of character, and compassion.
My friends are not narrow-minded. I hate to tell you all, but being racist stopped being cool in the 1960's, you're over 40 years behind. No, wait, that is cool, vintage is in now isn't it? All people are equal, YES EVEN BLACKS! Oh, did I just say that, sorry I wouldn't want to be considered a "nigger lover". Or maybe I do. And, while we're on the topic of people being "different", homosexuals are people too. Whatever you believe is fine, but don't show your ignorance by using words like "fag" and "dyke". You all strive to be accepted, yet can't accept others.
My friends aren't hypocritical. They don't claim to be straight edge, but drink, or Atheist but go to church. Let's use church as a way to be accepted, what a brilliant idea!
And most importantly, my friends are there for me, and not just when it's convienent.

I'm soooo happy that I got away from them, thanks u guys for befriending me!
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