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My old "friends"

Yes, I know this is for drama, but I have to get this out.

A Letter to my Old Friends...

I never gave you guys a reason for leaving, and I feel you deserve an explaination.

I got tired of compromising my beliefs. I do not hang out with people who smoke or do drugs. Getting so trashed that I do stupid things, and can't remember what I did, is not my idea of fun. It's pathetic. you are only slowly killing yourselves, and I hope you relize this before it is too late.
Your lack of morals is appaling. The fact that within a group of 10, there were only 2 virgins, myslef included is pathetic. What happened to self respect? And what can you show for it? Nothing. Well, maybe a few STD's that the person you "loved" didn't tell you they had, and some pregnancy scares. Thank God none of you actually had children (well, atleast that we know of), we wouldn't want you to lose your "individuality" by becoming a staistic, now would we?
My idea of a "joke", is not wanting to send someone with depression, a knife, all wrapped up in a boz with a pretty lil bow as a "get well gift". It shows your lack of character, and compassion.
My friends are not narrow-minded. I hate to tell you all, but being racist stopped being cool in the 1960's, you're over 40 years behind. No, wait, that is cool, vintage is in now isn't it? All people are equal, YES EVEN BLACKS! Oh, did I just say that, sorry I wouldn't want to be considered a "nigger lover". Or maybe I do. And, while we're on the topic of people being "different", homosexuals are people too. Whatever you believe is fine, but don't show your ignorance by using words like "fag" and "dyke". You all strive to be accepted, yet can't accept others.
My friends aren't hypocritical. They don't claim to be straight edge, but drink, or Atheist but go to church. Let's use church as a way to be accepted, what a brilliant idea!
And most importantly, my friends are there for me, and not just when it's convienent.

I'm soooo happy that I got away from them, thanks u guys for befriending me!
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