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One of those long quizes, just because I think everyone should do it!

*name-Jessica Lynn
*age- 17
*sex- Female
*dob- 10/20/85
*location- Longwood Fl
*siblings- 3
*flirty- Uh huh

*shoe size- 8 1/2
*hair color- Dark brown
*first crush- Matt Petterson or Chris Adams in Kindergarden
*boyfriend/girlfriend now: No
*crush-Yeah, and he knows who he is
*color of your room- Light Yellow
*righty/ or lefty- Righty
*hobbies- Ummmm, drama, writing, talking, hanging out with friends
*sign- Libra

Questions on guys, for girls to fill out
*boxers/briefs- Boxers
*long/short hair- Long if it's curly, or shaggy (ex:mackenzie) short if it's blonde
*tall or short- Tall
*pack/muscular arms- muscluar arms *sigh*
*good/bad guy- Good guy, but somewhat rebellious
*ear pierced, or not?- I prefer an ear piercing, but it's not absolutely necessary
*tan or fair- Tan
*freckles or none- freckles are cute....
*stubble or neatly shaved- Ok, stubbly, but only after like day 2, becuz the first day it's just prickly...
*accent or american- accents are very sexy
*would you ever go out with someone whos ugly?- Well, usually with me, the more I get to know someone, the more physically attractive they become, so long as I like their personality
*punk or prep- hmmmm depends on if they are pouser punk, or true punk

On preferences....
*cuddle or make out- cuddle, I like to be held
*chocolate milk, or hot chocolate- hot choclate
*mcdonalds or burger king?- neither
*coke or pepsi- pepsi
*would you wanna marry your best friend, or the perfect lover- best friend, what is a relationship without friendship? Your husband should be your best friend
*root beer, or dr pepper- GINGER ALE!
*tea/coffee/cappuccino- Cappuccino
*cats or dogs- cats
*mud or jello wrestling- ummmmmmm neither
*milk, dark, or white chocolate?- white
*sunny or rainy- Sunny days rainy nights
*winter, summer, fall, or spring- early spring
*vanilla or chocolate- Chocolate
*skiing or boarding- I don't do either
*biking or blading- Biking
*cereal or toast- Cereal
*do ya like rock, punk, rap, r and b, alternative, techno, pop, or
country- rock, punk, and where the hell is emo?
*bunk or water bed- Water bed
*lights on or off- Off

*My friends- oh geez this would take way too long....
*Friends that you look like- According to Tony, Kelsey
*You go to for advice- Chris, Anthony, or Kathryn
*Who do you tell all ur secrets too?- Chris, Kathryn

your favorites
*color- black
*number- 13
*movie- Dead Poest Society
*subject- English
*song- Change in the housr of flys - Deftones
*sport to play- I play a mean game of kickball
*sport to watch-soccer
*favorite drink- ginger ale
*truth or dare- Depends on who im playing with... dare
*ocean or pool- ocean
*love or lust- Love
*silver or gold- Silver
*diamonds or pearls- Diamonds
*sunset or sunrise- sun set
*showers or bubble baths- Bubble baths

misc. questions
*do you like school- ummm not really just the drama part
*do you like to talk on the phone- yep
*do ya have your own phone line- nope
*can we have your number- email me and then you can
*do you like to dance- when no one is watching
*are you scared to ask out your crush- Yeah, I don't think that I ever could, damn me and my shyness
*do you think cheerin is a sport- nope

1: Been kissed? Yep, once
2: Done drugs? never
3: Eaten an entire box of Oreos? At once? No.
4: Been on stage? Yep, 5th grade, I had lines and got to kiss a boy 8smiles*
5: Dumped someone else? nope
6: Gotten in a car accident? nope
7: Watched "Punky Brewster"? nope
8: Been in love? no Love is recipricated, in like yes, I am right now

9: Shampoo: Herbal essances
10: Toothpaste: whatever Mum buys
11: Soap: Yardley (it's imported from England)
12: Type of soup: Vegetable
13: Room in your house: my room
14: Instrument: piano, guitar if a guy is playing it

15: Coffee or hot chocolate? coffee
16: Big or little? Depends!!
17: Lace or satin? satin
18: New or old? depends
19: Neve Campbell or Jennifer Love Hewitt? Ew. Neither one.
20: Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? Brad Pitt
21: Vogue or Material Girl? Material Girl
22: Jeans or cords? Wow, thats hard
23: Sweater or sweatshirt? Sweater
24: T shirt or tank top? t-shirt
25: Skirt or dress? skirt
26: Wool or cotton? Cotton
27: Rose or Lily? rose
28: The way it is or the way it was? A little of both
29: Oldies or pop? Oldies
30: Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Didn't we already cover this one?no
31: Do you have a best friend? yep one girl, one straight guy, one overall

In the last 24 hours, have you...
32: Cried? Yes
33: Helped someone? Yes
34: Bought something? Nope
35: Gotten sick? Nope
36: Gone to the movies? Nope
37: Gone out for dinner? Nope
38: Said "I love you"? Yes
39: Written a real letter? no
40: Moved on? no put i wish I could
41: Talked to an ex? no no ex's
42: Missed an ex? no no ex's
43: Written in a journal? LJ and my paper journal for the things you guys arent allowed to read
44: Talked to someone you have a crush on? yep...he makes me happy *smiles*
45: Had a serious talk? no
46: Missed someone? Yes
47: Hugged someone? no
48: Fought with your parents? No
49: Fought with a friend? nope

Do you.....
50: Wear eye shadow? Yes
51: Put on a "front"? try not to
52: Kiss on the first date? ummmmm i did....thats where the one came from....
53: Have a crush on someone? yea i have said this 3 times now... and hes damn sexy
54: Eat with your mouth open? Nope. I wasn't raised in a barn!!!
55: If you got a tattoo, where would you get it, and what would be? a fairy, sitting on a creasent moon, with her wand extended and stars dropping from it on my right shoulderblade
56: What color is your floor/carpet in your room? at the moment this ugly brown color, but it will be cream when me and mum redo it this summer
57: What was the last CD you bought? That I actually BOUGHT? Geeeez umm oh I know! The best of Andrew Lloyd Webber that I got with Amber at Tuesday Mornings for 1.99 lol
58: How did you spend last summer? School, Boca Raton
59: When's the last time you showered? This afternoon
60: Are you tired? no
61: Are you lonely? in the sence of wow I wish I had a boyfriend right now lonely...yes, as in I need friends, no
62: Are you happy? Yep!
63: Are you wearing pajamas? Yep, Gray sweat pants, and Once Upon A Mattress shirt
64: Are you talking to someone online? surprisingly no
65: What are the initials of your crush/interest/spouse? DSK
66: What is your astrological sign? We already covered this. Libra
67: What is the sign of your crush/interest/spouse? Ummmm I'd have to figure that out
68: What time is it?
exactly 6 pm
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